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That moment when you fall in love with a new band…

The only thing that makes it better is the immediate thought that you have the power to book them at your work.

The amount of pure talent in the Atlanta area is amazing. I am blown away at some of these bands. I want them all to just blow up and become rich and famous.


"I’m a neuroscience researcher."
"If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?"
"Listen to your inner voice."
"You’re a scientist. Isn’t ‘inner voice’ a spiritual term?"
"Bullshit! You’ll hear scientists talking about following their inner voice as much as you’d hear a musician or a priest."
"So how do you know which of your thoughts are your true inner voice?"
"All of them are! The question is— how much weight do you give them? How much authority do you give your own thoughts? Are you taking them seriously? Or are you sitting in front of the damn tube letting other people tell you what to think?"

This guy is bad ass, and I would love nothing more than to sit down and talk to him!!

I think I finally got this single life thing down pat! I am currently in the tub listening to some tunes and drinking tea. A few months ago I would cried because I had no one to enjoy the little moments with. Now I’m really enjoying just geting to know myself. I joined eHarmony about a month ago and I’m already deleting my account. I even started talking to two pretty nice guys, but I realized I want nothing serious. I don’t want anyone to move in. I want to start my career, and continue being able to figure out all the little things that make me happy. I want to be selfish for a little while, and not cater to someone else.

I love the way this movie makes me feel. I have yet to watch this movie with someone, and for anyone’s sake it is probably for the best. By the end credits I am so happy and optimistic I wouldn’t be surprised if I started puking rainbows.

I probably picked up Amelie a dozen or so times over the last year…the year from hell as I like to call it…but it never felt right. Yesterday it felt right. It felt perfect. I smiled and giggled and then smiled because I was smiling.

Thank you Jean-Pierre Jeunet for making a delightful film.

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